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3rd Eye Psychic Network

Raw Truth From The Root

Rev. Priestess Calister

Blessed Be, I am the Seer. Initiated in Palo Mayombero, Haitian Vodoun  the Esoteric Order of Mary Magdalene,  the Order of the Divine Mother and the Ancient Order of the Magi. I hold a diploma as Chartered Herbalist and certified Hypnotist. I read the Ancient Palo Deck, Talking Board, Empaca Shell and Chomolongos.

I relay information concerning spiritual direction, love, work, money, health, business, career path.

As a Shaman, I perform spiritual work to uncross, protect, bring prosperity, love and business success. As a medium, I relay messages from the Holy Spirit by way of my spirit guides and ancestors acting as messenger between the seen and unseen.   EXT. 101

Tata Baba Wodabie Lawo aka Lex Lavoe

My journey began as a child with what my mother calls, the ability to discern spirits at age six. The gift was passed down through my bloodline, providing gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance . Having several childhood accidents my abilities increased. I've began studying African Spirituality at 16 along with conjure and rootwork. In my mid 20's I was lead to Lukumi. I was initiated into Yoruba in my 30's later into Palo M ayombe. I seek to offer the wisdom of the ancestors and healing, upliftment and encouragement . I read Ancestors cards and Tarot. I specialize in love and relationship as well as removal of negative energy, court cases as well as protection

EXT 102. 

Empress Dr. Neith

Empress Dr Neith is an amazing international psychic medium, oracle, motivational speaker and naturopathic doctor who takes great joy in combining her spiritual gifts and psychic abilities with science and metaphysics to give clients the greatest levels of clarity. She specializes in Life Purpose Readings for Children to assist the parents in guiding better them, Life purpose and career readings for adults so that they can harmonize the two, in-depth relationship readings including fertility, the effects on any current children and the effect the new relationship will have on the life purpose of each participant, as well as 37 different deep aspects of health and wellness to help you better understand any challenges with your systems and organs snd the foods, vitamins and minerals that will raise clear and cleanse your chakras.  

EXT. 103

Michael West

Michael West is a Certified Numerologist and practicing Astrologer. He has over 17 year's experience as a Astronumerical Consultant. In 2005 he graduated from The Connaissance School of Numerology in London, United Kingdom with a certification in Esoteric Numerology. He also studied and learned Astrology extensively with well-known Astrologer Kathryn Silverton. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Morris Brown College and completed intensive training in Financial Modeling and Valuation from the Investment Banking Institute. He has worked in the valuation industry as a consultant in the capital and tangible asset practice. Michael West is a member of The Association International de Numerologues (The International Association of Numerologists) and The American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

EXT. 104


“Astrology is a tool to use for guidance, not a prison”. This is the approach of Rahme’el Bey. He is considered to be best at what he does because his approach is about giving each client tools that allow them to navigate their life with astrology understanding better their life’s purpose and path.

The Teacher among the Teachers, a session with Rahme’el is sure to leave a lasting impression and bring clarity and guidance in the most important aspects of your life. Book Now!!!!