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3rd Eye Psychic

Raw Truth From The Root

I recently purchased the money candle from Priestess and I must say I am proud to say this candle has been a lifesaver for me..since burning the candle I have been winning money on lottery tickets (scratch off and printed tickets)...I have also been receiving money fro

m different places and I can honestly say I am never without money now...Thank you. Thank you so much...


I had my very first reading in 2009 I can say a few things manifest, but not all. In 2015 to present day, I tend to call every time I feel something in my heart. Each time Rev. Calister was 100% correct. Although I wanted to believe my own mind, I have to give her credit where its due. She's amazing!!!

-Nortasha Jones

As I share this testimony, I am compelled to also continue giving this testimony with as many people as I possibly can. I strongly believe that the world must know about the wonderful works of the Spirit and the Divine people that are sent to us. The Spirit is REAL and Rev. Priestess Calister is an absolute, true, spiritual woman of the Divine who has helped me in a profound way! For almost 39 years of my life, I have always had issues pertaining to love and romance. Even as a young girl, innocent crushes were never pleasant experiences. As I developed into the adolescent stages and into my young adult years, dating experiences were either non-existent or filled with deceptive tactics that caused me only hurt and regret. Eventually, I did marry, but it ended in a harsh divorce after only 4 years. In the midst of these experiences, I have to confess that there was always a Divine presence, or interaction, that would save me in the nick of time, preventing matters from becoming much worse. Because of that Divine presence, I strongly pursued Spiritual guidance. I would seek Divine knowledge and journal every experience for reflection and growth. As I reflected, I noticed that all of the areas pertaining to my career and goals were wonderful and consistent. But, in the area for love and romance, things were never good. As a result, I began to believe that there was a love curse placed on my life. When I realized this, I sought help, and the only person that knew how to help me was Rev. Priestess Calister. She provided a reading that told me specific details about a curse that was placed on my family several years ago. I immediately knew that Rev. Priestess Calister was sent straight from the Divine because the reading spoke of things that only my family in Detroit, Michigan knew about. There was no way that anyone could have ever known about my family's deepest secrets! Rev. Priestess Calister revealed that I did have a love curse, and she was also able to remove the curse. Immediately, I scheduled a session to have Spiritual Work performed in order for the curse to be removed. While Rev. Priestess Calister performed the Spiritual Work, I actually witnessed (with my very own eyes) Divine miracles!!! I experienced interactions with the Divine Forces of Lucero and Mama Chola! Mama Chola was pleased with the ceremony performed by Rev. Priestess Calister! I will forever remember those experiences!!!! After the work was performed, Rev. Priestess Calister continued to follow up with me on a regular basis. She would divinely contact me at the perfect moments to share spiritual insight. Finally, I was happy to inform her about the new man in my life! The Spiritual work was performed on June 3, 2016. By July 3, 2016, I was experiencing the perfect romance that I had never experienced before! Within the same week, on July 7, 2016, the Divine revealed to me that this same wonderful, successful man that I met was actually sent for me! That time frame is exactly 5 weeks, and Mama Chola's number is 5! Again, I will continue to tell the world that the Spiritual realm is REAL! The Divine people that are placed here are REAL! Rev. Priestess Calister is REAL and the Spiritual work that she does is REAL!.....Angel

Rev. priestess is a true woman of God she is the real deal . i seen her on love and hip hop Atlanta TV show she is truly amazing when i did my first reading with her on the phone i was having a hard time and a relationship i found things about what he was doing i was shock and what the amazing about it is i didnt tell her about how he look when she describe him she hit it on point and come to found out after the reading he said he can mess with how many females he want i was heart broken but i am happy that i found out about it now i can move on thank you Priestess Calister i will Speak with you again in may....Glamour Chick

Priestess Callister is Simply amazing and gifted... My sister had given up hope on having a baby as she was told her chances were 1 in 10000. We went to see Priestess and she told her she'll have a baby by summer of next year. We didn't believe it. Well, I now have an amazing little angel for a niece....Ra

It is truly hard for me to express my feeling for the Rev. Priestess because I met her when I was in most difficult place in my life. She brought such clarity to me when I was in need and for that I am forever thankful. To give you some personal background, my husband and I had been trying to have a baby since 2003. However, we had not been successful. We had tried everything in the science community and had spent over 15,000 in efforts to get pregnant. Unfortunately, nothing we did worked. Then, I met Rev. Priestess in 2009 and she advised me on spiritual things that I was missing. She gave me precise clarity and this was what I needed at that time. The Rev. Priestess advised me and even told that I could contact her later if I was confused on what I needed to do. All I can say is this woman is beautiful and she conversed with me in such a loving way. Her spirit spoke to me and I felt that she was directly in tune with the creator. I proceeded to follow through on everything that she shared with me in our session. And about 12 to 14 months later I found out I was pregnant with my son. I truly believe that my pregnancy manifested because of the spiritual information that she shared with me and because I followed through on the necessary work that I needed to do. I will forever believe that God led me to her and I am forever grateful to have her as my spiritual advisor today.


I have been receiving readings from Rev. Priestess for almost 2 yrs now. I normally call her to verify or clear up things that my clairvoyance won't allow me to see clearly. Normally I know but need verification. HOWEVER there are times that she says something completely out the blue & I have to ask her is she in my forehead or have a camera in my home. This lady is AMAZING!!!! She has always guided me in the most positive direction & ALWAYS been on point in her readings. Unlike most readers or seers she DOES NOT want you to give her any information. As this clouds her connection with the most high in giving you a proper answer or as I like to call them " diagnoses" to your issue or question. SHE IS THE TRUTH!!!!!! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person, however when I come to Atlanta to see my mother I plan on making an appointment just to meet her. Her energy on the phone is so strong & extremely positive. After each reading I always get off the phone feeling more positive than before I spoke with her. Another thing I'll say about her readings are that, they aren't always at face value. She told me I would get a new car in about a year. Well my engine went out & instead of me buying a new car I dropped another engine in my car. New engine new car lol. So I've learned not to take the readings at specific face value, because what she tells is true, but may not fall in the way we feel it should. This lady is AMAZING & I have an abundance of love & respect for her. So if you're looking for the real deal. You've found it. Peace & Blessings to you Rev. Priestess


Completely in awe!!!!!!! Really down to earth and real. Have already scheduled another and referred many friends and family that are completely amazed with her as well ur customers."


Rev. Priestess Calister, (Simply Phenomenal) Best reading I've ever experienced in my entire life. Truly amazed at her Accuracy & Details that are Supernatural. Spoke on several life situations without a Question asked. Will be a Lifelong client......... McDoom

Rev Calister is a God gifted reader. She has a sweet spirit, and her down to earth personality made speaking to her easy; and calming. I will be calling back very soon to schedule an appointment for another reading, and I will recommend her services to my family and friends!....Shonda

I traveled from Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA to see Rev Priestess Calister. I was very pleased with my session. I scheduled another trip to Atl so that I can bring my sister to get a reading.... Karyn

Just had my reading done literally 10 minutes ago. Sitting here in awe at how great and insightful my reading was. Am pleased and will recommend to my friends and family. I have a few things to work on and a lot to look forward to. Thanks so much, may God continue to bless you with his work.... Lost but very clear now

I loved her energy, insight, and calm demeanor. She was Accurate with my current situation. I trust all that she says. I will most definetly be calling her again. The talking board gave additional insight as well. I give 100 star rating...... Tameka

True and accurate. The message from my grandmother was so on point. I've never had such accuracy was about my past and things occurring present day!!! Such a blessing..... Sharese

Rev. Priestess Calister was amazing. She was recommended by an acquaintance of mine. She blew me away. Any question that I needed answered, was answered. Any message that I needed to receive, was received. She was a joy and delight. If you want truth, she will give you that. The cards and boards don't lie. I definitely will be seeing her again soon.....K. Smith

I have to say I was very impressed. She expressed so much that's been going on no one could've known. I will definitely give her a call back she is the real deal.... A. Proffit

I am late posting my review, I had my reading three weeks ago and from the time we began to the very end I don't think I blinked. She gave me insight about an ex- boyfriend, and that I should not waste my time and just move on. She told me that I will be working with a team of people in a business that I have been thinking about. I was amazed with my reading I will be working with a team of people in a business that I have been thinking about. I was amazed with my reading I will be doing another with her in the near future :-) Well wishes to you all...... Tanya

She was the best!!!!! An all i had to tell her was my name, she gave me all the clarity i need.she evn knw about the bizness i was tryn to open an the person who I was doin it with rght on the nose an she just confirmed to me its rght an its my time! She was absolutely the best..... Chanta

Calister is as real as they come. My 1st visit I went in with an open mind thinking that she would not be able to inform me anything, but how wrong was I. It started off with general information but when she informed me about my oldest brother and the things going on with his home, wife and job (something he has only shared with me two days before my visit) I was sold. Everything that is told is something that you either already know or been shown through your dreams, angel, etc. Worth the money!..... Danyell

Calister is truly gifted, I was taken back of what she said to me. Her honesty and integrity is what I liked the most. Not many people possess this quality. Truth and nothing more is what she gives. she saw something that I rarely do. I'm always thanking God, angels and Virgin Mary. The one thing I rarely do is pray to God. She has a beautiful light that shines and reaches you. I only say this because out of my reading, I was not happy with this information. However, I realized that sometimes we do neglect our father in heaven. You would think I'd be upset over my relationship, but I know that will work if I focus on myself rather than someone else. I like that she saw what I already thought and debated. Calista sees right threw you, don't get discouraged, she's just helping you get to your brighter path if that is one of the things you're seeking..... Liz

Blessings Priestess Calister: At 3:22pm my light was flickering, ready to be extinguished until my reading with you today. I was at my lowest, holding on for a healing! I am truly blessed to have you in my world, your light, your love is the road towards my healing. I was truly lost, blind and without a vision until being with your spirit/light. My path, my journey is now ready to make a DIFFERENCE in this world. Words can not express my humblest gratitude and love I have for you. You made what was hidden, found...what was lost, found.... and what was confusing very CLEAR! I will now be guided by your words, your vision, your enlightenment eternally!!! Again Priestess Calister (blessed one) THANK YOU..... your gift, your light, your gift to me will be forever cherished. A lutae continuum- PEACE,..... Yvette M.

In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with liver and kidney failure. He was hospitalized and eventually returned to work, he was employed for two years. In 2011 he had a second liver and kidney failure, the doctors said they were not sure about the liver, but said he would be on dialysis in 60 months, they could not medicate him for fear of possible adverse affects. The doctors had given up on his ability to survive because he had stage 3 liver cancer. In January of 2013 a family member took me to see Rev. Priestess Calister, she went straight into the reading not asking any questions. The reading said my husband was sick and proceeded to give the formula which included a special diet and a specific supplement. My husband implemented the diet and started taking the supplement, I started seeing results within a few weeks. In February he had a doctors appointment, the doctor recommended the exact same diet the Priestess gave us in January during the reading, but he did not mention the supplement. It is now May, my husband returned to the hospital for blood work, THERE WAS NO SIGN OF CANCER THE LIVER AND KIDNEY ARE COMPLETELY HEALED....PRAISE GOD MY HUSBAND IS CANCER FREE.

I went to various doctors and psychics they all said my husband would die, but God spoke through Priestess Calister because she was the only one that gave me a formula that actually reversed stage 3 liver cancer that saved my husband's life. GOD IS GOOD..... E. Donelson

This wombeen such a blessing to me. Cleared up another of things for each. Pray God continues an has bless you for using your gifts to help people.....K W


Priestess Calister is absolutely the best at what she does! She listens and understands. Her readings are off the chain!!! Seriously, no joke! You don't have to tell her anything she'll tell you! I will definitely be a longtime customer...... Tonya P

Absolutely mind boggling . Your accuracy is unbelievable. You are truly very gifted. Many thanks and many blessings to you and your loved one's..... Evey

Scarily accurate, said a prayer I said verbatim..explained my situation before I even asked my question. It was so accurate I cried. Confirmed something that just happened and I'm a little speechless.Excellent excellent reader..... Wendi

Thank you for the clarity of mind you have given me! I can now understand my journey from a whole new prospective..... Tory

Calister has the insight that has been so right every single time I've had a reading. I can not thank her enough for being the vessel..... Majasin

Calister was very accurate, with all the information she presented,she is truly gifted and very sweet, and such a kind and gentle spirit, I will be using her again...... T. JosepH

Thank you very very much for the reading...You hit the nails on the head..Everything you said was the truth. God bless you!...... Raymond & Donna

Thank you again for the amazing reading you provided. I have already given your number to several friends. I want to provide a testimonial but I didn't see where I could add it....Michelle

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